Born and raised in the capital city of Hungary, Katalin Farnady developed her interest

for style, design and architecture in her early age and they remain her life's passion.


After graduating from business school in Hungary, Katalin moved to the United States and has been designing residential and commercial interiors for the last 17 years. She
enjoys challenges in all areas of design and loves to listen to her clients’ needs and dreams that she then brings to life. Each of her projects is very close to her heart and there is nothing else she would rather be doing than creating fine interiors.


Katalin graduated with honors from AACC and Marymount University in Arlington and became a member of the American Society of Interior Designers in 2002. Katalin is

listed in the Who is Who as well as in the National Dean’s List. Attending various

lectures on design development in the United States and outside of the country helps her monitor the continual evolution of the design world.


No matter what kind of a project it is, her clients can be certain that Katalin will give

them her best, it will be an exhibit of a cohesive creativity and will be safeguarded as a unique design project in Katalin's portfolio without appearing again in her other work.


Katalin prides herself in many years of successful design and her many variations of looks and styles. Her ability to create luxurious, functional designs reflecting such eclecticism rewards her clients and herself. Life in her office is never boring. Life in one of her completed projects is always thrilling.


Katalin's passion is design but her love is her husband and daughters. She also enjoys traveling extensively around the world where she can soak in more design ideas.


Thank you!


Katalin Farnady

Owner- Interior Designer

Award Winning Firm